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Last updated: Mar 31, 2024

This article is about Bonboarding tracking code cookies and not about cookies set by
If you're looking for information on cookies set when visiting our website at, see the article Cookies on

1. Cookies for Tracking?

At Bonboarding, we prioritize your privacy.
Our cookie strategy is simple: we only use one cookie - to identify visitors on your site who aren’t logged in, helping us keep an accurate count of unique monthly active users.
This cookie can't identify users personally or track them across different sites—it's all about making sure your active user numbers are spot on.

We're serious about keeping your data safe. That means we don’t share any information with third parties, and the cookie we use is a first-party cookie. This kind of cookie works exclusively on your domain, keeping your data under your control and out of reach from others.

2. What Cookies And Similar Technologies Do We Use?

Tracking Cookie. Used by the Bonboarding script to help identify your visitors who aren't logged in.

Cookie NameCookie PurposeSession or persistent cookie and expiry of persistent cookieFirst-party (set by the site visited) or third-party cookie
bb_identifierAuthenticate user across sessionsPersistent, 31 daysFirst-party

The upcoming changes in Google Chrome will phase out support for third-party cookies. However, Bonboarding’s tracking relies on first-party cookies, which remain unaffected by these changes, ensuring continuous functionality.

4. Should You Inform Visitors about Bonboarding’s Cookies?

Based on the GDPR and other privacy directives, you may need to inform your visitors about the cookies set by Bonboarding.

Considering the variations in jurisdictional privacy laws and regulations, along with your specific application of Bonboarding, it’s prudent to consult your legal team for advice on identifying which cookies should be disclosed on your site and the potential need for a cookie management tool.

Additionally, your legal advisors can provide insight on appropriately categorizing cookies. Bonboarding is unable to offer guidance on matters with legal connotations.

5. Does Bonboarding Capture Users Who Have Disabled Cookies in Their Web Browser?

Bonboarding does not track or record unidentified visitors who have cookies disabled.

However, once you identify your users by the identify method, Bonboarding will be able to track their activity on your site.

6. Are the Bonboarding cookies first-party or third-party cookies?

Bonboarding integration cookies are created via a script that is executed from the host domain, making them first-party cookies.
They are not shared with any third-party services.

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