Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: Jul 9, 2023

Bonboarding is committed to protecting the privacy of all its users.

This privacy notice applies to Bonboarding SL. (“Bonboarding”, “we”, “our”, “us”).

The privacy of your data — and it is your data, not ours! — is a big deal to us. To be crystal clear - Bonboarding does not and will not ever sell your data (nor your users’ data) to third parties.


  • Fully complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
  • Implements ‘privacy by design’ within our software systems and platform
  • Encrypts all customer and end-user data in-transit
  • Uses best-in-class cloud vendors with excellent security standards.

We’ll only ever access your account to help you with a problem or squash a software bug. We’ll never open any uploaded files unless you ask us to. We log all access to all accounts by IP address, so we can always verify that no unauthorized access has happened for as long as the logs are kept.

1. What we collect and why

Our guiding principle is to collect only what we need. Here’s what that means in practice:

Identity & access

When you sign up for Bonboarding, we only ask for identifying information: your name, email address, and company domain address. That’s just so you can personalize your new account, and we can send you invoices, updates, or other essential information.

We’ll never sell your personal info to third parties, and we won’t use your name or company in marketing statements without your permission either.

You always have the right to access the personal information we store about you. And, if you wish to further limit our use of your personal information, please contact us at [email protected].

Users of Bonboarding can store any type of information in Bonboarding, but we do not access or share that data, and do not know what type of data you or other users are storing. The data is only used by the account owner and invited users as they intend to use it.

Billing Information

When you pay for Bonboarding, we ask for your credit card and billing address. That’s so we can charge you for service, calculate taxes due, and send you invoices. Your credit card is passed directly to our payment processor and doesn’t ever go through our servers. We store a record of the payment transaction, including the last 4 digits of the credit card number, for account history, invoicing, and billing support.

We store your billing address to calculate any VAT in the European Union or sales tax due in the United States, to detect fraudulent credit card transactions, and to print on your invoices.

Website interactions

When you browse our marketing pages or applications, your browser automatically shares certain information such as which operating system and browser version you are using. We track that information, along with the pages you are visiting, page load timing, and which website referred you for statistical purposes like conversion rates and to test new designs. We sometimes track specific link clicks to help inform some design decisions. These web analytics data are tied to your IP address and user account if applicable and you are signed in to our Services. We blind all of these individual identifiers after 30 days. Other web analytics we utilize are described further in the Cookies and Do Not Track section.

Cookies and Do Not Track

We do use persistent first-party cookies to store certain preferences, make it easier for you to use our applications, and support some in-house analytics.

We partner with Google for some marketing activities. If you are coming to Bonboarding from a Google ad, and are in the United States, Google will send a cookie to your browser to determine whether you visited because of a particular advertisement you viewed. This enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of these ads.

In addition to our first-party cookies, we use Google Analytics, Google Signals, Google Adsense, and Mixpanel to understand our website's performance, user behavior, and for personalized advertising. These tools use cookies to collect standard internet log information and visitor behavior information in an anonymous form. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website is transmitted to Google and Mixpanel. This information is then used to evaluate visitors' use of the website and to compile statistical reports on website activity for us.

A cookie is a piece of text stored by your browser. It may help remember login information and site preferences. It might also collect information such as your browser type, operating system, web pages visited, duration of visit, content viewed, and other click-stream data. You can adjust cookie retention settings in your own browser. To learn more about cookies, including how to view which cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please visit:

At this time, our sites and applications do not respond to Do Not Track beacons sent by browser plugins.

End-user personally-identifiable information (PII)

This data can be used to identify a specific user. Examples of end-user PII include:

  • User profile data that is passed to Bonboarding by the customer, using the Bonboarding.identify() SDK function;
  • Browser information that is collected by default in the Bonboarding SDK (e.g., OS, device type, browser language, user agent), when associated with a particular user; and
  • Browsing history data that is collected by default in the Bonboarding SDK (e.g., current page URL, current page title).

We use this data to customize and deliver Bonboarding content to your end-users.

Like all data we collect, we never sell this information to third parties.

Customers may opt out of browser and browser history information by contacting Bonboarding Support.

End-user generated data

This data pertains to how end users are interacting with Bonboarding content; for example, whether a flow was shown to a given user, whether a user has clicked on a button or interacted with a tooltip, etc. This category also includes user responses to forms or surveys delivered through Bonboarding.

We do not actively collect PII for use in this category, and no PII is required in this category in order to use Bonboarding. Note, however, that form or survey responses may add PII to this data.

We use data in this category to customize and deliver Bonboarding content, as well as display analytics on the Bonboarding dashboard.

This datastream is always available as a CSV download inside the Bonboarding dashboard.

You may also configure Bonboarding to send certain data upstream to other services.

Information we do not collect

We don’t collect any characteristics of protected classifications including age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or physical and mental abilities or disabilities. You may provide these data voluntarily, such as if you include a pronoun preference in your email signature when writing to our Support team.

We also do not collect any biometric data. You are given the option to add a picture to your user profile, which could be a real picture of you or a picture of something else that represents you best. We do not extract any information from profile pictures: they are for your use alone.

Content on your website and product

We don't collect any information, content, or data from your website and product, where Bonboarding script is integrated (besides the data you provide about your current user in the Bonboarding.identify() SDK function).

The Bonboarding script is executed in the client's browser and does not collect any information about the HTML structure, DOM, the look and feel, text and media content, or anything that's available on your website.

The flow editor is also executed in the browser, and it might collect

  • CSS selectors that are used for identifying the targeted elements for highlight steps.
  • generate thumbnails of the steps that are only accessible to the user who's editing the flow.

Bonboarding never looks at this data nor gives it to any third party.

2. When we access or share your information

Our default practice is to not access your information. The only times we’ll ever access or share your info are:

To provide products or services you’ve requested. We do use some third-party services to run our applications and only to the extent necessary to process some or all of your personal information via these third parties. You can view the list of third-party services we use at Bonboarding. Having subprocessors means we are using technology to access your data.

No human looks at your data for these purposes unless an error occurs that stops an automated process from working and requires manual intervention to fix. These are rare cases and when they happen, we look for root cause solutions as much as possible to avoid them from reoccurring.

We also use some other processors for other business functions, which you can view here: Company processors.

To help you troubleshoot or squash a software bug, with your permission. If at any point we need to access your account to help you with a Support case, we will ask for your consent before proceeding.

To investigate, prevent, or take action regarding restricted uses. Accessing a customer’s account when investigating potential abuse is a measure of last resort. We have an obligation to protect the privacy and safety of both our customers and the people reporting issues to us. We do our best to balance those responsibilities throughout the process. If we do discover you are using our products for a restricted purpose, we will report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

When required under applicable law.

When we have to comply with a legal obligation applicable to us from time to time, such as those set forth in tax and anti-money laundering laws and regulations (such as Act no. 58/2003, dated December 17, on Taxes; Act no. 27/2014, dated November 27, on corporate taxes; Act no. 10/2010, dated April 28, for the prevention of money laundering and financing, or terrorism; or Organic Act no. 10/1995, dated November 23, on Criminal Code). In any such cases, the data will be processed only during the periods set forth by said laws, being deleted thereafter.

Finally, if Bonboarding SL. is acquired by or merged with another company — we don’t plan on that, but if it happens — we’ll notify you well before any info about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Bonboarding does not share individuals’ personal data with non-agent third parties. If this policy changes in the future, we will notify individuals and provide them with an opportunity to opt-out of having their data shared.

3. Your rights with respect to your information

At Bonboarding, we apply the same data rights to all customers, regardless of their location. Currently, some of the most privacy-forward regulations in place are the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) in the US. Bonboarding recognizes all of the rights granted in these regulations, except as limited by applicable law. These rights include:

  • Right to Know. You have the right to know what personal information is collected, used, shared, or sold. We outline both the categories and specific bits of data we collect, as well as how they are used, in this privacy policy.
  • Right of Access. This includes your right to access the personal information we gather about you, and your right to obtain information about the sharing, storage, security, and processing of that information.
  • Right to Correction. You have the right to request correction of your personal information.
  • Right to Erasure / “To Be Forgotten”. This is your right to request, subject to certain limitations under applicable law, that your personal information be erased from our possession and, by extension, all of our service providers. Fulfillment of some data deletion requests may prevent you from using Bonboarding services because our applications may then no longer work. In such cases, a data deletion request may result in closing your account.
  • Right to Complain. You have the right to make a complaint regarding our handling of your personal information with the appropriate supervisory authority. To identify your specific authority or find out more about this right, EU individuals should go to
  • Right to Restrict Processing. This is your right to request restrictions on how and why your personal information is used or processed, including opting out of sale of personal information. (But again: we never have and never will sell your personal data.)
  • Right to Object. You have the right, in certain situations, to object to how or why your personal information is processed.
  • Right to Portability. You have the right to receive the personal information we have about you and the right to transmit it to another party.
  • Right to not be subject to Automated Decision-Making. You have the right to object and prevent any decision that could have a legal, or similarly significant, effect on you from being made solely based on automated processes. This right is limited, however, if the decision is necessary for the performance of any contract between you and us, is allowed by applicable law, or is based on your explicit consent.
  • Right to Non-Discrimination. This right stems from the CCPA. We do not and will not charge you a different amount to use our products, offer you different discounts, or give you a lower level of customer service because you have exercised your data privacy rights. However, the exercise of certain rights (such as the right “to be forgotten”) may, by virtue of your exercising those rights, prevent you from using our Services.

Many of these rights can be exercised by signing in and directly updating your account information.

If you have questions about exercising these rights or need assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or at Bonboarding SL, Avenida Catedral, 6 - Planta 1, 08002 – Barcelona, Spain. For requests to delete personal information or know what personal information has been collected, we will first verify your identity using a combination of at least two pieces of information already collected including your user email address. If an authorized agent is corresponding on your behalf, we will first need written consent with a signature from the account holder before proceeding.

If you are in the EU, you can identify your specific authority to file a complaint or find out more about GDPR, at

Please note that if you choose to cancel your data and you are a customer, your account will be deleted and all data in your account will be permanently deleted from our systems. You may lodge a complaint at any time with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

4. How we secure your data

All data is encrypted via SSL/TLS when transmitted from our servers to your browser. The database backups are also encrypted. Data isn’t encrypted while it’s live in our database (since it needs to be ready to send to you when you need it), but we go to great lengths to secure your data at rest—you can read more about that on our security page.

5. Location of site and data

Our products and other web properties are operated in the European Union. If you are located in the United States or elsewhere outside of the European Union, please be aware that any information you provide to us will be transferred to and stored in the European Union. By using our Site, participating in any of our services and/or providing us with your information, you consent to this transfer.

6. How to contact us

By post:
Bonboarding Sl.
Avenida Catedral, 6 - Planta 1
08002 – Barcelona (Spain)

By email:
[email protected]

7. Changes to the privacy policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. We may also notify you of material changes to this Privacy Policy, before the effective date of the changes, by sending an email or otherwise. If you do not agree to any substantial change to this Privacy Policy, you may terminate the Service Terms and Conditions.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns about this privacy policy, your data, or your rights with respect to your information?
Please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them!

These terms are adapted from the Basecamp open-source policies / CC BY 4.0.
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