How Bonboarding is used to increase user adoption at an AI software

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"Bonboarding helped us activate our users in our web platform, noticeably boosting adaptation ratio right after the integration."- says Szabolcs Marton, founder of the music transcriber tool - Kodai.

Their product was a perfect use case for Bonboarding.

Kodai is an app that lets you record live music, and with the magic of AI, it detects the instrument and "writes the score" for the audio.
It also comes with a web interface where you can manage these recordings, organize them and share them with your band or other participants.

Before Bonboarding, Kodai didn't have any product tours.
Although many people used the mobile version, only a few logged in to the web app, even though it has numerous additional features that are only available there.

"I'm a developer, so adding the integration script was child's play."– says Szabolcs, who got their first onboarding flow live in less than an hour.

"I could follow Kodai's style guidelines and create a tour that fully matches our design. After the first minutes, I got familiar with the tool, and I could easily add the tooltips and popups. Targeting specific elements on the page was surprisingly easy. The whole experience was smooth, visual with zero coding."

This onboarding tour improved their adaptation right away. They used analytics tools to compare how much time each user spent on the platform and saw an immediate increase.

An animation showing the product tour in a web application

But they didn't stop there.

"Targeting our users opened up new possibilities that we didn't think of before. We created additional flows for users who frequently logged in and offered to sign them up for higher subscription packages. This increased our free-to-paid conversion by 26%, right there, from our web app."

As Kodai keeps adding new features to their product, they plan to use Bonboarding to announce them to their returning users.

"We love Bonboarding! It's easy to use, beautifully designed, and... it just works. I tried different product tour applications, but they often broke or needed additional coding. They didn't offer the same flexibility."

Szabolcs MartonSzabolcs MartonFounder of Kodai

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