Brief Guide to Onboarding Software: Features and Costs

User onboarding software is increasingly essential in streamlining how new users integrate with various systems and applications.
This article delves into the key features and cost considerations of such software, offering insights particularly valuable for businesses seeking to refine their user onboarding experience.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, understanding the nuances of user onboarding software is critical.
It's about making choices that positively influence user engagement and effectiveness.

A Look at the Top Onboarding Tools

Features and Pricing Comparison

In onboarding software, a few names stand out for their exceptional features and user experience. Bonboarding, with its focus on ease and comprehensiveness, is joined by other market leaders like Intercom, and Userpilot. Let’s compare how these tools stack up:

Bonboarding (Best Overall):

  • Features: Offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, feature highlights, and engaging video tutorials. Tailored specifically for SaaS platforms, Bonboarding ensures new users are onboarded and fully immersed in the product.
  • Pricing: Customized pricing plans based on the specific needs of your business.

Intercom (Optimized for User Engagement):

  • Features: Specializes in interactive user onboarding with personalized messaging and targeted in-app tutorials.
  • Pricing: Pricing is tailored based on the number of users and the level of features required.

Userpilot (Focused on Custom User Journeys):

  • Features: Offers tailored user onboarding experiences with customizable flows and in-depth analytics.
  • Pricing: Variable pricing based on user numbers and selected features.

While each tool offers unique features and benefits, Bonboarding stands out for its specific focus on onboarding for new users for SaaS, ensuring that your users are not just introduced to your product but fully engaged from the get-go.
With its rich analytics and customizable features, Bonboarding is a great choice for businesses looking to make data-driven decisions to improve their user experience.

In-Depth Look at Leading Onboarding Tools

Onboarding covers many areas. Each main provider in this space has its own strong points in how it handles onboarding new users.


Bonboarding creates a super simple experience tailored for SaaS platforms. With its innovative approach, Bonboarding ensures that new users are introduced to your product, fully immersed, and engaged. Their simple onboarding strategies and user adoption tactics are worth exploring for any business looking to improve its user experience.

By creating easy-to-implement walkthroughs, that can be fully customized and tailored to your brand's designs and workflow.

Key Features:

  • StyleSync - automatically detect your brand's style and apply it to your onboarding tours
  • Detailed targeting - target specific users with specific tours
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Starting Price: Starting at $99/month (but free under 300 monthly active users).
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User Pilot

Userpilot focuses on making user onboarding smooth and personalized. It lets you create custom onboarding paths and provides detailed insights into how users interact with your software. It's great for businesses wanting to give users a tailored start and understand their behavior.

Key Features:

  • Build your own onboarding flows
  • Track user engagement with analytics
  • Pricing: Changes based on how many users you have and the features you choose


Intercom helps make onboarding easy and personal. It lets you talk to your users right in your app and guide them through with easy tutorials. Perfect for businesses that want to keep users interested and make their software easy to use. Intercom adjusts to what each user needs, making their start smoother.

Key Features:

  • Chat with users directly in your app
  • Customizable in-app guides
  • Pricing: Depends on your user numbers and what features you pick

Frequently Asked Questions About Onboarding

What are onboarding costs?

Onboarding costs can vary widely depending on the software and services chosen. They typically include the price of the software, any training or setup fees, and ongoing support costs. Bonboarding, for example, offers transparent pricing details on its website.

Onboarding Costs
Onboarding Costs

For small businesses seeking more budget-friendly solutions, our comprehensive guide on the 'Top 10 Affordable Onboarding Software Solutions for Small Businesses in 2024' offers a range of options tailored to smaller budgets.

What is a software onboarding guide?

A software onboarding guide is a resource that helps new users understand how to navigate and utilize a software product effectively. It includes step-by-step instructions, best practices, and tips for getting the most out of the software. Bonboarding's blog offers insights into creating effective onboarding guides.

What is the onboarding process in SaaS?

In SaaS, the onboarding process involves guiding new users through the initial stages of using the digital product, ensuring they understand its value and how to use it effectively. This process is crucial for user retention and satisfaction. More information can be found on Bonboarding's approach to SaaS onboarding.

How long is the average onboarding for SaaS?

The average onboarding duration for SaaS can vary based on the complexity of the software and the user's familiarity with similar tools. Typically, it can range from a few minutes to several weeks (as you should split it into several sessions). Bonboarding's blog offers insights into creating effective onboarding strategies.

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