Top 5 User Onboarding Tools for SaaS

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In the ever-evolving world of SaaS, personalized onboarding has transformed from a nice-to-have to an essential component.

The right onboarding tools make all the difference in user integration. They ensure new users understand your product and become loyal advocates. From tailored walkthroughs to responsive guides, these tools elevate the user experience. Dive into our curated list of the top five onboarding tools, each bringing its own unique strengths to the table: Bonboarding, Appcues, Pendo, Userguiding, and NTRO.js. Your journey to impeccable user onboarding starts here.


When it comes to user onboarding, Bonboarding is a game-changer. Designed with precision and user-centricity, it promises an experience that's seamless, efficient, and tailored to your needs.

Here's why Bonboarding is a top choice for SaaS businesses, especially those catering to a Spanish-speaking audience:

Free Access and Money-Back Guarantee

Cost-efficiency: New users can dive into Bonboarding’s extensive features with a completely free 14-day trial. And if your user base is under 300, Bonboarding remains free! Such accessibility ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from its offerings. Bonboarding’s confidence in customer satisfaction is evident with a money-back guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for all its users.

Unparalleled Onboarding Analytics

Insights: With Bonboarding's comprehensive onboarding analytics, you can track user flow, understand engagement patterns, and leverage detailed statistics to refine your onboarding strategies. With such granular data at your fingertips, making informed decisions becomes second nature.

No-code Visual Editor

You can create your product tours and user guides straight from your browser, with our Chrome extension. You can see your web app exactly as a visitor would, and create your tours right there. It's as simple as drag'n'drop – convenience redefined.

Bonboarding's intuitive no-code visual editor
Bonboarding's intuitive no-code visual editor

Intuitive Features for Product Managers

Intuitive: Bonboarding isn't just about analytics; it's about creating memorable user experiences. Product managers can:

  • Craft engaging pop-ups complete with images, videos, and placeholders.
  • Customize every visual aspect, from fonts and colors to sizes, ensuring brand consistency.
  • Benefit from auto-styling detection, which means even if you aren't design-savvy, your onboarding pop-ups will always look professional.
  • Introduce new feature updates across multiple pages with simple button presses and triggers.

And the best part? All these features are accessible without any coding knowledge!

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Simple Integration

Easy integration of existing systems: With just a single line of code, you can have Bonboarding up and running. Once set, the visual editor takes over, automating the process and letting you focus on what you do best.

Custom Targeting and Upcoming Features

Set specific parameters: Bonboarding's super custom targeting allows you to target users who've spent at least 10 minutes on the platform.

Stay tuned for upcoming features that delve deeper into time and event-related tools, promising an even more enriched onboarding experience.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Customization: This is where Bonboarding truly shines. Not only can you tailor every aspect of your onboarding experience, but its built-in style detection ensures you don't need any design background. Plus, its SEO-friendly features, like the free product editor and customer onboarding tools, make it easily discoverable for those seeking top-tier onboarding solutions.


Appcues stands out as a user-friendly, no-code onboarding tool tailored for non-technical teams. It simplifies the tracking and analysis of product usage. At its core, Appcues offers:

  • Ease of Use: An intuitive UI that allows teams to construct in-app flows without delving into coding.
  • Direct Integration: Through its Chrome extension, users can craft in-app experiences using a WYSIWYG editor directly on their application.
  • Engagement Tracking: The Events explorer feature lets you tag and monitor UI engagement.
  • Segmentation: Build custom user segments to target specific users. (*This is limited in the Essentials plan.)
  • Drawbacks: The recent removal of onboarding templates and feature limitations in basic plans might deter some users.


Pendo is a robust platform that amalgamates user onboarding functionalities with product analytics, in-app feedback, and adoption features. Primarily catering to enterprise users, Pendo boasts:

  • Analytics Mastery: Pendo is renowned for its comprehensive analytics tools, including Paths, Retention, and Funnels.
  • Collaborative Product Planning: A unique shareable tool that facilitates customer feedback collection and feature prioritization, ensuring team alignment.
  • Versatility: With compatibility for both web and mobile apps, Pendo offers a broader scope of applications.
  • Challenges: Despite its strengths, Pendo falls short in some areas, like its inability to trigger experiences based on in-app events, limited onboarding elements, and lack of pricing transparency.

While Pendo offers a broad suite of tools, businesses might find better value and real-time analytics in alternatives such as Userpilot.


UserGuiding provides an affordable entry into product adoption tools designed to aid businesses in welcoming and acclimating new customers.


  • Simplicity at its Best: A dedicated no-code builder to craft straightforward onboarding flows.
  • Rich UI Patterns: Incorporates hotspots, tooltips, modals, and other elements to optimize in-app guidance.
  • Checklists and Resources: Users can navigate through onboarding checklists, ensuring clear and sequential progression. Plus, a resource center for additional support.
  • Customizability: Enrich onboarding with emojis, gifs, images, or videos to reflect your brand.


  • Pricing Constraints: The Basic plan caps guides at 20, with several other restrictions. Upgraded plans, though providing more freedom, come at a steeper starting price of $299/month for the Professional tier.

INTRO.js: DIY Onboarding with Progress Tracking

For startups operating on a tight budget, INTRO.js offers a hands-on approach to user onboarding via a JavaScript guide.


  • Progress Bars: Encourages users to complete the onboarding by visualizing their journey.
  • Coding Requirement: Unlike no-code platforms, INTRO.js demands coding knowledge but offers flexibility in return.

While no-code solutions like UserGuiding and Intercom Product Tours provide ready-to-use platforms, INTRO.js serves as a DIY alternative for those ready to dive into coding.

Intro.js requires some coding knowledge to integrate
Intro.js requires some coding knowledge to integrate

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I onboard a SaaS user?

Onboarding a SaaS user involves creating an engaging and informative introduction to your product. At Bonboarding, the user's journey begins with their very first interaction. Learn how to make a stellar first impression through our detailed guide.

What is the onboarding program for SaaS products?

An onboarding program for SaaS products is a structured process that helps new users understand and find value in the product. Discover why a solid onboarding program is crucial and how Bonboarding can enhance this experience.

Which tool is used for customer onboarding?

Bonboarding is a tool designed specifically for customer onboarding in SaaS platforms. It provides interactive guides, feature highlights, and more. Explore all the features that make Bonboarding an ideal choice for your SaaS product.

What is the onboarding funnel for SaaS?

The onboarding funnel for SaaS comprises a series of stages a user goes through, from initial sign-up to full product adoption. Understanding this funnel is key to creating an effective onboarding process. Read our insights on the onboarding funnel's journey at The Road to Bonboarding.

For more information on pricing and other features, visit our Pricing and About pages. Stay updated with the latest trends and tips on our Blog.

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