Online Marketing Expert

Full Time40 hours / week
Remotework from home

Help us design and deliver the marketing strategy of our user onboarding tool, so we can reach the right people who can benefit from our product.

We’re an early-stage B2B SaaS startup from Barcelona. Our web application, Bonboarding, provides an extensive toolkit for online businesses to create interactive product tours and help them guide their users through the first steps.

About the job

We’re looking for someone to help us shape the online presence of Bonboarding.

We’re at the beginning of our journey. Our main goal is to drive traffic and convert them into our first paid customers.
We are seeking an individual who brings the relevant experience, skillset, and energy to collaborate and participate in our marketing efforts to achieve this goal.

You’d spend your time exploring which marketing channels bring the most value, and creating content for them.

You’d work with an exciting product in its most exciting period, on tasks like:

  • developing a deep understanding of the user adaption SaaS industry
  • identifying the right channels that drive growth
  • creating engaging content and measuring their performance
  • finding out the keywords that bring traffic and optimizing the content of our pages to improve organic ranking
  • setting up LinkedIn or Google ad campaigns
  • link building, reaching out to third-party websites
  • planning the content strategy for weeks or even months ahead
  • searching for novel ways to reach our target audience
  • measuring and evaluating ROI and sales and promotion effectiveness
  • keeping pace with evolving organic search best practices, content strategies, and other techniques that drive traffic.
  • and coming up with ideas on how to improve our product, its marketing communication with existing users, and how to convert free users to paid ones (eg. welcome email funnel)

Bonboarding is in its early days, so you’d have a great impact on its direction, while you’d also work on the implementation of these strategies.

It’s a remote position; as long as we agree on the hours spent together, we’re extremely flexible with how you schedule your work.

About you

We’re looking for a person with a spark in their eyes and enthusiasm for driving growth.
Someone who gets excited when they find new ways to reach potential customers.
Someone who’s not just a thinker, but good at execution too.

What we’re looking for

We don’t care about your educational background.
We just care about what you can do and how you do it.

Bonboarding is a startup, so you’d have to work with all aspects of marketing. We’re looking for a generalist, with experience across the entire marketing funnel.
So as long as you love coming up with creative stuff you’ll fit right in.

More important than specific marketing skills though, is that you’re a strong problem solver who loves to learn — we’re not experts in everything and we don’t expect you to be either.

  • 3+ years experience in digital marketing (social media, SEO, content creation, funnels, ads management, etc)
  • You’re an expert with SEO analytics tools such as GA, SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, etc
  • Hands-on experience working with white hat link building (outreach, keywords analysis, on-page optimization, and SEO content creation)
  • You’re excellent in English. You don’t need to be native, but the company is fully operated in English, all the materials that you’d create will in English; so the job requires outstanding English communication skills.
  • You have experience in a relevant marketing position
  • You can think in a long-term marketing strategy and translate it into actionable and measurable tasks and goals
  • You’re good with words, and you can convert even mundane technical text into an exciting, keyword-friendly content
  • You’re familiar with the latest marketing trends and supporting tools
  • You’ve delivered successful Facebook, and LinkedIn campaigns
  • You’re experienced in search marketing
  • You can confidently take ownership of our social media presence
  • You don’t have to be a designer, but you don’t panic if you quickly need to throw together a FB post in Canva

As a person,

  • you have excellent analytical, organizational, project management, and time management skills
  • you’re able to work autonomously and take initiatives
  • eager to learn new things and apply creative techniques and novel ideas to bring more traffic
  • willing to take full responsibility for the marketing and work in a rapidly changing environment
  • driven with high attention to detail
  • fun, cheerful, who brings good energies to the team

Pay and benefits

This is a full-time (40 hour per week) position.

You can choose your own hours. We are big on remote, but we ask to e-meet multiple times during the week to plan and develop the marketing efforts together. Other than that, you can schedule your week and days as you like.

You’d work on your own computer, but we’d provide you with all the software and tools that you might need to do your best work.

How to apply

To apply, write something specifically for this position that tells us why you’re a great fit for Bonboarding, and how you see the future if we’d work together.

Tell us, what makes you excited about working with an early-stage tech startup.
Is there something relevant you’re proud of? Show off!
Is there some marketing campaign that you’ll never forget? Tell us about that too!

As long as you sound like someone who could be a great fit when we’re actually working together day-to-day, we really want to meet you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Send your application to [email protected]
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